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hey, sunshine.

Spring has FINALLY arrived.

Time to pack away your chunky sweaters and heavy winter coats because the sun is finally out! Well, here in Vancouver at least. We're so stoked to be springing into the new season, especially when we have some great new products on our sites. If you have been MIA, let's

speed you up.

On, they've introduced two new brands worth mentioning. One being Columbia Outdoor Apparel and the second, Champion Apparel. Both of these brands are heavyweights in their respected industries. Of course, they also got in awesome new items from familiar brands such as Bella+Canvas, Rabbit Skins, Next Level, Alternative Apparel and more. Head over to to browse the whole collection and don't forget to take a peek at their new Spring collection!

Over on, the new spring collection consists of a lot of awesome performance polos, perfect for all the golf enthusiasts out there! Expect to see an influx of Nike apparel, new backpacks, and a few new cute Bella+Canvas pieces that have been quite popular.

With spring in full swing, this means that we'll be seeing a lot more of the sun! We suspect that sun protection can be easily overlooked, that's why we're here to remind you to always wear sunscreen, bring a pair of sunglasses, and always bring a cap to help shield you away from all the harsh UV rays! Sun damage is no joke, that's why Hats&Caps came out with new caps to prepare you for the upcoming months. Take a peek at at their cool new styles and some classic old favourites we all know and love.

And, the best thing of all? We can help you personalize your apparel if you choose to do so! This is great if you were thinking about getting new uniforms for your company team or sports league. Or, perhaps, your hobby band wants to take things to the next level and create some band merchandise. Or, your company is planning on a summer event (music festival?! Sporting event?! Company appreciation day?!). Whatever the event may be, we can definitely help with making you look good.

We hope this helps with your preparation into spring and the upcoming months. So remember to take some time to relax, get out there, and enjoy the sun!

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