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Acquisition Information

Checkpoint One Apparel is actively seeking to strategically acquire a small Canadian safety apparel business or custom printing and embroidery business that align with our vision and growth plans. If you or someone you know is currently considering or seeking to be acquired, please reach out with the contact form below or email us at

Businesses of Interest

At this time we are interested in expanding our footprint in the custom printing and embroidery and safety apparel industry.

Printing, Embroidery, Digitizing, and Custom Apparel
We are hoping to find a Custom Apparel business that focuses on printing, embroidery, or digitizing, Ideally located in the greater Vancouver or Toronto area. This business should have it's own equipment, and supply chain set up already as well as an established sales pipeline with a team executing on it.
Safety Apparel and Equipment
We are hoping to find an established business in the Safety Apparel and equipment space, Ideally located in the greater Vancouver or Toronto area. We are interested in an established supply chain and warehousing partnerships as well as a collection of key reoccurring accounts.
If your business doesn't meet these criteria we still encourage you to contact us so we can learn more about how your business is currently operating to see if there is a fit.

Contact Acquisitions

Our team reviews every request sent!

To help with the process, please include as much information about your business in your form submission. At the minimum we are looking for:

  1. Your Name

  2. Your Email

  3. Business Name

  4. Business Website

  5. Business Address

  6. Contact Number

  7. Description and information about the business

Although our team reviews every contact request, we will only be reaching out to those that seem like a fit at this time. If you don't hear from us it means things didn't quite line up for us, but we will  keep your information on file as things can change as we continue to grow.

Thanks for submitting!

Head Office

24 West 2nd Ave

Vancouver, BC V5Y 1B3


Phone: (604) - 637 - 4355


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