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Our story

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Our Mission

Checkpoint One Apparel seeks to create the most accessible wholesale apparel e-commerce experience through exceptional service, Canada-wide shipping, and an unbeatable product selection.​

Our Values






Who we Are

It all started with an expedition race. In 2001 the Sea to Summit Adventure Race needed custom apparel for their event and our founder, Jeff McCormack, jumped at the opportunity. We supplied the custom apparel and earned ourselves the inspiration that founded the company. Named after the race's first checkpoint, the Vancouver based company, Checkpoint One Apparel was born. From our humble basement suite operation, our one-man show started fulfilling custom design orders. 


In 2004 the company grew with the founding of, our first nationwide e-commerce and apparel company. Designed to supply the many growing small businesses across Canada, with accessible apparel for their printing and design operations, but with no minimum order, quickly found demand from consumers and businesses alike. 


As the company and team continued to grow, additional sites were founded. In 2006, we had join us with its own unique product line. We continued to add amazing stores over the years, each one filling a specific consumer demand. Next up was followed by,,,,,,,, and then most recently The custom apparel division continues to thrive under the Checkpoint banner.


Today we are the parent company for fourteen fast-growing, web-based apparel brands with our head office based out of Vancouver, BC. We operate with a dual approach of direct to consumer and B2B which appeals to a wide range of customers. After eighteen years of hard work and perseverance, Checkpoint One has become a well-established component of the Canadian promotional and blank apparel industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and adapt, as well as stay relevant in our constantly evolving world. Through our vast selection of promotional and blank garments and products, we give our customers the tools to make their brand shine. 


At the heart of Checkpoint One is our passion for making connections. It’s our number one priority to help our clients grow, and we strive to create a customer experience that’s both encouraging and educational. Building these relationships is what we’re all about! 


Our office is in the beautiful Olympic Village area, just a short walk from the seawall and False Creek. As you enter the office, you’ll feel a palpable sense of pride for our team culture and our people. Our goal is to create a comfortable, lively, and inviting environment from the moment you step through our doors. We create a space where diversity is celebrated and personal expression and ambition hold the highest currencies. 


As we look to the future, our Media Labs are the next phase of our company growth. Our Video and Media team continues to push for new and innovative ways to help Canadian custom apparel companies, start-ups, and small businesses to showcase themselves in the evolving digital world.

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