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A Toque Makes All the Difference During Vancouver's Very Own Snowmaggedon

Brrrr it’s Snowmageddon in Vancouver. Good thing we have these comfy toques to keep us warm n’ toasty. 🥶

If you're in search of the perfect comfy toque to withstand Canadian winters, we highly suggest you check out the AC1010 Acrylic Knit Winter Toque with Cuff from

The AC1010 is one's most popular items. It's the perfect cuffed toque -- great for wearing as is, or folded down for a slouchy style. The double layer makes it ideal for winter weather and outdoor activities, and the cuff is a perfect spot for embroidery or patch work.

Another great alternative is the SP12 Sportsman Acrylic Cuff 12" Toque from With over 10 awesome colours to choose from, wear this Sportsman Acrylic Cuff 12" Toque with the cuff, or unfold it for a slouchy style!

Need some embroidery with your own logo or design? Contact us for more information, we'd be more than happy to help!

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