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earth day

Hope everyone had a great long Easter weekend and is currently enjoying their Easter Monday at back at work. This year, Earth day also happens to fall on Easter Monday. So, we have double the celebrations today!

We believe that every towards a better planet counts, and as responsible citizens of the world, we have a social responsibility to maintain for the generations to come.

First, let's just say that we are well aware about how much impact the textile manufacturing industry has on our planet. To be honest, big manufacturing companies can be doing a lot better. However, individuals can be mindful about what they buy as well! What big companies produce comes down to the decisions of individuals. If we all make better buying choices, we can influence the bigger companies to produce better eco-friendly products.

With that being said, this blog post is going to be on all the eco-friendly products we have on our sites. That's right - products that you won't feel bad about purchasing!

If you're looking to purchase some eco-friendly t-shirts or sweaters, check out On the site you can find pieces like the Champion S600 Double Dry Eco Crewneck Sweatshirt or the Champion S1051 Reverse Weave Pullover Hoodie. If you're looking for t-shirts, they have the Alternative Apparel's 6005 Unisex Organic Basic Crewneck Tee and the Next Level 4600 Unisex Eco Heavyweight T-Shirt.

Looking for some hats? We have an eco-friendly category under where you can find organic cotton beanies to organic cotton visors.

Another popular item is the QTB Q-Tees Economical Tote bag from, it comes in over 10 colours and they are great for carrying groceries or library books, or even to have at your next promotional event!

Don't forget, you can also get these eco-friendly items customized with your design or logo. Want more information on this process? Reach out to us today and we would be happy to help you out with your next eco-friendly endeavor!

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