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This hat is telling me to do what?

A throwback to these organic cotton embroidered "Make Earth Green Again" hats we worked on for Build a Better Earth.

If you're curious about this hat, we used the OC6110 Organic Cotton Cap from

It's made with 100% USA organic cotton which means that there are no chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides used to create this hat. As for colouring, an eco-friendly dye is used so you don't have to worry about toxic dyes or formaldehyde finishes. For the construction of the hat itself, it's a 6-panel low profile cap accompanied by 6 matching colour sewn eyelets completed with a comfortable, no-stress velcro strap closure at the back.

So really, what's there to really dislike about this hat? Absolutely nothing. Check it out the OC66110 Organic Cotton Cap for yourself over on

Got a message of your own? Contact us for a quote for your next project. 🌎🌳

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