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'tis the season!

The year is almost coming to an end and what a ride it has been! For some, the holidays are a time of reflection. What are you most proud of this year? What are some things you were grateful for? Maybe you haven't had the best year, but that's okay. Every cloud has a silver lining. Come 2019, we will be able to start again with a clean slate with positive intentions!

As for the little bit of time we have left this year, our friends over at decided to match all donations in support of the BC Children's Hospital Foundation this holiday season!

It's super simple. Just click the link and add this product, like any other product to your order! You can donate without purchasing anything too! Don't worry, you will not be charged with any other additional fees if you just want to donate. Want to donate more? You absolutely can! Just manually change the quantity amount on the side.

If you want to learn more about the BC Children's Hospital Foundation, click the link here.

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